Covid 19 Update

We trust that you are well and staying safe during these challenging times. Our team in Montreal is working from home as mandated by the government until at least May 4. We are working together providing regular services to all our customers including support, developing new features of the software, doing demos for prospective customers, […]

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Coding Images on Instagram with QDA Miner – Qualitative Data Analysis Software

In this Blog we are highlighting papers authored with the use of our qualitative data analysis software QDA Miner and our content analysis and text mining software WordStat. This post features a paper where the authors use visual content analysis by employing QDA Miner to code images of sculpture taken by tourists and posted on […]

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Text Analytics in Crime Analysis and International Justice

Dr Uwe Ewald Director of the International Justice Analysis Forum Uwe Ewald is the director of the International Justice Analysis Forum. IJA-Forum offers support in evidentiary analysis required for complex (international) crime cases, based on its expert network and roster of analysts and researchers. He started using qualitative data analysis software QDA Miner and the […]

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