Communication Vagueness

Hiller Vagueness Dictionary: A Content Analysis Dictionary that Keeps on Giving

This is the first of two Blogs on the Hiller Vagueness Dictionary It all started back in the late sixties and early seventies when J.H. Hiller and his collaborators wrote a series of papers exploring communication vagueness. Back in those early days they used computer-assisted content analysis to analyze lectures, students papers and presentations to […]

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Deux webinars sur l’analyse sémantique dans le cadre de l’événement “Spring Box, 100% en ligne, 100% Market Research”

Si vous désirez adopter l’analyse sémantique dans vos études marketing, voici deux webinars qui pourront vous intéresser ! Ils sont présentés par Normand Péladeau, CEO de Provalis Research et expert en analyse sémantique. Webinar 1 Analyse de données textuelles : approche qualitative ou machine learning?? Un faux dilemme Beaucoup de solutions d’analyse sémantique reposent essentiellement […]

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Lunch and Learns

Starting Thursday, June 11, we intend to hold a series of “Lunch and Learns” for QDA Miner or WordStat. The schedule is posted on our website. We have scheduled one a week until the end of June. There is no charge to attend. The events will feature our trainers as hosts. They will provide a […]

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Content Analysis of Media Reporting on Protests Following the Death of George Floyd.

How is the media covering the death of George Floyd and the resulting protests? While we are still in the midst of the protests which are continuing across the U.S. and around the world we thought it would be of interest to examine how several media organizations are covering the event and how they compare […]

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