Accessing Technology’s Ability to Control Covid 19 Using Text Mining

The Covid 19 virus has been with us since late 2019 but only spread into a pandemic in early 2020. That is just seven months ago. Since then there have been thousands of journal articles, news reports, editorials, reports, commentaries, blogs and all other matter of text documents dealing with the virus, its spread and […]

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Bibliometrics and Scientometrics Content Analysis

Using Content Analysis Software in Bibliometrics and Scientometrics

Bibliometrics and scientometrics often involve the monitoring of research, the assessment of the scientific contribution of authors, journals, specific works, or citations as well as the analysis of the dissemination process of scientific knowledge. The discipline has grown rapidly over the last 10-20 years. One of the reasons is the advent of readily available computer […]

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The Hiller Communication Vagueness Scales An Applied Researcher’s Perspective

John Ford Public Sector Research Psychologist The author can be reached at This is the second of two Blogs on the Hiller Dictionary. The first one is titled Hiller Vagueness Dictionary: A Content Analysis Dictionary that Keeps on Giving The Hiller Communication Vagueness scales are useful measures of document clarity because they use vocabulary […]

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