Suggestion features

One of the biggest challenges of quantitative content analysis lies in the fact that a single idea may be expressed in many different ways, like using synonyms, paraphrases, or idioms. When one needs to identify all instances of such an idea, a critical task becomes identifying those numerous forms. WordStat provides several tools to support this task such as the Suggest feature that can be used to retrieve a list of all known synonyms, related words and inflected forms of the items already in a dictionary from another source such as a thesaurus or a lexical database. The Auto-Suggest feature is an optional panel on the Frequencies page that also lists suggestions. It differs however, from the Suggest feature in several ways. First, it only displays suggested words that were found in the current text collection and that are not already in the categorization dictionary (leftover words). It may also be used not only on content categories but also on any word extracted by WordStat and displayed in the Included words and Leftover Words lists. It may thus be used from the very beginning of the dictionary construction process to quickly identify potential groupings of words and assign the relevant ones to existing or new content categories.