A good example of QDA Miner’s analysis and visualization features

  Mission statements are an important strategic management tool for many companies, large and small. Well crafted, they serve as a quick reference to internal and external stakeholders as to what a company is and what it does.  They can help leadership and employees formulate a strategic direction around common goals and values. Mission statements, their impact, value, important components, audiences etc have been studied by academics for many years. In their paper Stakeholder Orientation in Cruise Lines’ Mission Statements, Lara Penco and Giorgio...

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Using Text Analytics at Work: Suicide Prevention and Crisis Management

Today “texting” is one of the principal means of communication for many people the world over, especially in the United States. It is also a form of communication that you can engage in relatively anonymously. These were a couple of the reasons why the non-profit, Crisis Text Line was started in 2013. One of the first people the new CEO Nancy Lublin hired, was a chief data scientist because there is a wealth of knowledge in all the text data being created that allows CTL to manage its operations more effectively by identifying people in immediate...

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Using Automated Content Analysis and Topic Modeling Approach to Discover: Who is the International Community?

Today’s headlines are filled with international stories about nuclear proliferation, climate change accords, free-trade agreements and other global issues. Embedded in these reports are frequent references to, the international community. For example, a recent headline claimed that in his speech to the UN General Assembly, U.S. President Donald Trump praised the international community for voting for sanctions against North Korea.  Trump did praise UN members for voting for sanctions but he never uttered the term, international community.  Still, the...

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Some Keys to a Successful Tech Startup

Montreal, Canada’s second largest city, known for its European flair, its culinary prowess, and its many festivals, is also home to Provalis Research.  We are very proud of our city, and one of the things that makes us proudest is the tech scene. Major players are converging on Montreal because of its burgeoning AI scene. Yoshua Bengio, one of  the trailblazers of deep-learning, put Montreal on the AI map with his research at the University of Montreal and the launch of Element AI, an artificial intelligence lab, in 2016. Facebook and Samsung have...

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Import news and comments from Reddit with QDA Miner 5

What would Snoo do? That could be an Ask Me Anything question on Reddit. Snoo is the Reddit mascot and Ask Me Anything is one of the site’s features where Redditors ask celebrities and others….well anything! Reddit is a social media site with more than 200 million users a months. It bills itself as, The Front Page of the Internet, because the content is generated and voted up and down by the users. Some of them are very dedicated people. One of the main features of Reddit is the comments Redditors make about different subjects. For example, Reddit...

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How dinosaurs shrank and became computers?! A brief history of computer storage devices!

I can’t take any more photos, there is no space left on my smart phone! My Windows is running so slow, I must free up some space! I’m quite sure you have experienced these desperate situations. From the first days of the computer, infinite storage capacity was one of the goals. Needproof, Okay! ENIACwas the first electronic computer. It weighed more than 24,000 kilograms and took up about 167 square meters! Can you imagine how much data you could keep in it? Almost nothing!! ENIAC had no internal storage and punch cards were used to keep the data as...

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