Highlighting text and images

Sometimes one may find it useful to hide or dim coded text in order to clearly focus on the portions of text that have not yet been coded. Alternatively, one may also wish to highlight text segments associated with specific codes. The CODED TEXT item from the DOCUMENT menu allows you to either hide, mask, dim, or highlight coded text segments. The following display properties are available:

NORMAL (default, black text on white background)

HIGHLIGHT (yellow background)

DIM TEXT (gray text on white background)

HIDE TEXT (white text on white background)

CODE COLORS (the code color is used as the background color)

Please note that when choosing CODE COLORS as the highlighting mode and when more than one code has been assigned to the same text segment, only one background color is used.

The highlighting or hiding of coded segments is applied to all coded segments in which code marks are displayed. One may thus change display properties of text segments associated with specific codes by using the HIDE CODE MARKS command to hide code marks for all other codes.

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