The Query by Example Text Search Tool

The QUERY BY EXAMPLE search tool is an alternative to a keyword-based search. Rather than specifying a long list of keywords joined by Boolean operators, this query method looks for documents or text segments similar to a given example and presents them in an initial list of search hits in descending order of similarity. The user then marks specific items as relevant or irrelevant and then performs a new query. The system adjusts the initial query by taking into account the provided relevance information and often provides better search results. After a single or a few iterations, the user can then select relevant items for further processing. QDA Miner’s Query by Example feature allows one to provide as the starting example, a typed text – which can consist of a sample paragraph or sentence, a list of words or phrases, a selected text segment,or even all text segments in the project curre ntly associated with one or several codes. To start the query by example search process, select the QUERY BY EXAMPLE command from the ANALYSIS menu.