Provalis Research Trainer

TrainerChristina Silver, PhD

LanguageEnglish, Dutch
LocationDorset, UK
Coverage AreaUK, Europe, US, will travel throughout the world
Training WorkshopsQDA Miner:


I design workshops tailored to the needs of the client. In addition to training workshops in Provalis tools I routinely run workshops in:
Research design
Using software to undertake literature reviews
Qualitative data analysis
Mixed methods
The Five-Level QDA method®(a method for learning how to use qualitative software powerfully, whatever the methodology – see

Consulting servicesI provide consulting services for teams and individuals in harnessing Provalis tools powerfully. I provide both face-to-face and remote consultation (via Skype or GoToMeeting). Examples of the types of consultation that I routinely provide are:
• Project planning and research design – working with groups and individuals to determine how to structure their work to get the most out of the software in their given context.
• Mixing methods – working with groups to plan how to integrate qualitative and quantitative materials, as well as how to transform qualitative information into quantitative information, with a view to applying statistical analyses.
• Planning for your PhD – working with doctoral students to highlight how software can help them project manage their PhD.
• Planning for team work – working with research teams to highlight the considerations applicable when working together on a single project using Provalis software.
I also undertake analysis for organisations.

ExperienceI have been using, teaching and consulting in qualitative software since the 1990s and have trained more than 9000 researchers around the world. I manage the CAQDAS Networking Project, based in the Department of Sociology in the University of Surrey, Guildford, UK, for which I lead the training and capacity building activities. The project provides information, advice and training in a range of software packages designed to facilitate the analysis of qualitative data, including QDA Miner and WordStat. I am also co-director of the University of Surrey’s Day Courses in Social Research programme and the co-founder of Qualitative Data Analysis Services (QDAS), which provides customised consultancy services for individuals and groups engaged in qualitative analysis. My particular interests relate to the relationship between technology and methodology and the teaching of computer-assisted analysis. I have experience in supporting researchers useQDA Minerand WordStatfor different types of projects, in academic, applied, government and commercial contexts. My training focusses on harnessing the software powerfully, whatever your data and methodology and I share with workshop participants examples from my own research to illustrate the range of ways the software can be used. For a list of clients see
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