Provalis Research Trainer

TrainerMadalina Manolache
LanguageEnglish, Romanian
LocationBacau, Romania
Coverage AreaRomania and other EU member-states
Training WorkshopsQDA Miner:

ExperienceExperience in training QDA Miner and WordStat in an academic setting (specific to the following discipplines Media and Communication Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities, Marketing Communications). The focus of the training (one-to-one and one-to-many, but no more than 5 people teams, in an offline context) was on improving the level of knowledge for the following:
a) data and text management, data analysis (statistical analysis and data mining);
b) scientific research methodology design (setting up the research objectives and design of the related code matrix);
c) blending mathematical thinking with logical thinking (interpretation of mathematical information and organisation of results according to the research design).
Publications1. A Conceptual Mapping of the "Gender Pay Gap" within the Communicative Actions of the European Commission In Journal of Media Research - Revista de Studii Media, VIII (21), 2015, pp. 104-114
2. The Use of New Web-based Technologies in Strategies of Teaching Gender Studies (co-author) In Patrut, B., Patrut, M. eds. 2013, Social Media in Higher Education: Teaching in Web 2.0, Hershey, PA: IGI Global, pp. 45-74.
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Phone004 0740 07 19 58

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