Workshop Survey

Provalis Research organized in the past public training workshops on QDA Miner and WordStat in various locations in North America and Europe. A training workshop on QDA Miner typically last two days and cost $300 for academic users and $500 for commercial and governmental users, while a three-day workshop on QDA Miner and WordStat costs $400 for academic users and $650 otherwise.

The current survey attempt to assess the needs for training of our users and their willingness to participate to training opportunities in our Montreal’s training center or in other locations.


Survey Questions

1. Are you willing to attend a training workshop in our Montreal's office?


2. Is there a location(s) where you would prefer this training to occur? (If Yes, specify state or province, and the country if outside US or Canada)


3. Including yourself, how many people in your team would be interested in such a training?

4. Which months would you be available for such a training?


5. Which weekdays would you be available for such a training?

6. Type here any comment you might have.

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