Dragging and Dropping to a Dictionary

The easiest way to change the structure of an inclusion dictionary is by using drag and drop operations. Using the mouse, you can move a word to a different category, move an existing category or sub-category to another location on the main level or under an existing category. There are two ways to perform such kind of drag and drop operation:

1) For single move operation ·

Press and hold down the ALT key · Click the item in the dictionary you would like to move and keep the mouse button down · Move the mouse to the desired location and release the mouse button.

2) For multiple move operations

Another way to achieve multiple drag and drop operations is by enabling the Drag & Drop check box located on the left of the dictionary. To perform such operations, you first need to enable the drag & drop editing feature: · Select the Dictionaries page by clicking the first tab at the top of the main window. · In the Dictionary Viewer group box, select the categorization dictionary. · Check the Drag & Drop Editing check box. · Click the item you want to move, and hold the mouse button down. · Then, drag the item over its new location and release the mouse button.

By default, the dragged item is stored under the category at the cursor position. To move a word or a category to the main level or to the same level as the category under the cursor, simply hold the ALT key while dropping the dragged item.