User Conference Survey

1. Would you be interested to participate in our first QDA Miner/WordStat User Conference?


2. Would you be interested in presenting either a paper or a workshop?


2 a). If yes, on which subject?

Please note we will NOT be accepting oral papers focusing solely on the results of research. The spotlight is on the use of the software itself – i.e. for particular methodological approaches, types of data, project dynamics or representing findings; on ways in which QDA Miner and/or WordStat are being used by itself or in combination with other tools; and the implications arising from developments in the field

3. Is there any topic you would like to learn in a half day workshop?

4. Would you be interested in a full three days pre-conference workshop on QDA Miner and/or WordStat?

5. If you have any suggestion or comments to make ?

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