Click on the following link to download a list of about 550 studies, articles, thesis that have used WordStat or QDA Miner

SomeStudies.pdf   (updated March 2015 )

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You will find below a small selection of some of those studies:

  1. Application of Text Mining to Aviation Safety Data
  2. Content Analysis of Hotel Customer Satisfaction
  3. Content Analysis of Operations Research Employment Ads
  4. Mining Microarray Expression Data by Literature Profiling
  5. Mesuring Disclosure of Intangible Resources in Corporate Annual Reports
  6. Measuring Employer Expectations of Information Professionals
  7. Content Analysis of Learning Logs of Marketing Managers
  8. Searching for Clinical Prediction Rules in MEDLINE
  9. Concept Analysis of Gender, Feminist, and Women’s Studies Research in the Communication Literature
  10. Differentiating the Regional Communication Journals: A Computer Assisted Concept Analysis
  11. Content analysis of journal abstracts in communication
  12. Automated Content Analysis of Multiple-Choice Test Item Banks
  13. Evaluating Learning about the Nature of Science
  14. Fictional Market Study on Midscale Hotels Customers
  15. Content Analysis of Speeches of US Presidential Candidates

If you have published or unpublished articles, presentation papers, or a web page that documents how you used WordStat and if you would like to have this document added to this page, please contact us.

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