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The trial versions are fully functional for 30 days. After 30 days, the software will have some limitations. For more information, click here

  PROSUITE – QDA Miner with WordStat & Simstat Download (68 MB)

 QDA Miner only Download (45 MB)

 QDA Miner with WordStat Download (64 MB)

 Simstat only Download (6 MB)

 WordStat with Simstat Download (42 MB)

WordStat 7 only (Requires QDA Miner or Simstat) Download (36 MB)


WordStat for Stata Download (33 MB)
  MVSP v3.1 Download (4 MB)


Downloading other utility software

NVivo to QDA Miner v1.4- Free!
Download (3 MB)
QDA Miner Reader v3.2 – Free!
Download (4 MB)
ITALASSI v1.1 – Free!
Download (600 KB)

Downloading QDA Miner Lite (FREEWARE)

To download the free version of QDA Miner Lite, please fill the form at the bottom of this page.

Apple OS XClick here for more information on ways to run QDA Miner on a Mac OS computer.

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