The trial versions are fully functional for 30 days. After 30 days, the software will have some limitations. For more information, click here
­PROSUITE – QDA Miner 5 with WordStat 8 & SimStat 2.6Download (64 MB)

WordStat 8*Download (46 MB)
QDA Miner 5Download (38 MB)
­QDA Miner 5 with WordStat 8Download (62 MB)
­ ­SimStat 2.6Download (12 MB)

WordStat 8 with SimStat 2.6Download (51 MB)
WordStat for StataDownload (46 MB)
MVSP v3.1Download (4 MB)

*Please note that if you would like to try WordStat 8 but keep using Wordstat 7.1 and QDA Miner 5.1 at the same time, you can download a special installation routine here. This will install WordStat 8.0 beside WordStat 7.1 and let you run both from QDA Miner 5.1.

Downloading other utility software

NVivo to QDA Miner v1.4- Free!Download (3 MB)
QDA Miner Reader v3.2 – Free!Download (4 MB) ­­
ITALASSI v1.1 – Free!Download (600 KB)


Downloading QDA Miner Lite (Freeware)

To download the free version of QDA Miner Lite, please fill the form at the bottom of this page.
Apple OS XClick here for more information on ways to run QDA Miner on a Mac OS computer.