These manuals describe the concepts and functions of QDA Miner 5, WordStat 7, and SimStat 2.6. It is not required that you read the manual consecutively from first page to last. You can skip sections that explain concepts you are already familiar with, jump directly to sections that explain functions you are interested in, or simply use it as a reference guide to learn more about some key features.

Qualitative and mixed methods software with unparalleled computer-assisted coding, analysis, and report writing capabilities.

English version
– QDA Miner v6.0 (334 pages, about 8.0Mb)
French version – QDA Miner v3.0 (204 pages, 2Mb) 
Spanish version
– QDA Miner v3.2 (207 pages, 1.7Mb)

Content analysis and text mining software for fast and precise processing of large amounts of unstructured information.

– 301 pages, about 17 Mb
WORDSTAT 9 .CHM – Windows help file, 8 Mb

Statistical analysis and bootstrapping software with powerful and easy to use output features

 – 269 pages, about 800K

MVSP v3.13 – 137 pages, about 800k