How to Import PDF’s into WordStat for Stata

  Our distributor in Australia, has written this quick Blog that we thought you might find instructive: How to Import PDF’s into WordStat for Stata. You can also see a video tutorial on our website on how to import PDF and other documents such as... read more

How Text Analytics Adds Value to NPS

    Companies are always trying to find easy and accurate ways to measure customer satisfaction or customer sentiment.  In the last decade Net Promoter Score (NPS) has emerged as a favorite.  Many companies have adopted it as a standard. The one-question... read more

Using Text Mining of Big Data for Prediction

From time-to-time in this Blog we draw your attention to some of the applications of text analytics. In the last few years one of those areas has been predictive analysis, using text mining to explore large databases. Using text mining to learn from past behavior,... read more

More Fun, More Features in WordStat 8 Text Mining Software

    We are always looking for ways to make your text mining experience easier, better, more precise and ….more fun. It is what drives us. We think you will find the recently released WordStat 8 checks all these boxes. Easier.  Import documents and create... read more