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Welcome to the tutorial and demo section. On this page you will find links to tutorials and short demonstration videos that will help you familiarize yourself with the basics and well with some advanced features of our software. We do the best to keep these tutorials up-to-date with the latest developments.

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QDA Miner Tutorials and Demos

General Presentation of QDA Miner 10m 43s
Getting Started     
Registering and Activating the Software 1m 11s
Creating a Project from Existing Documents 4m 02s
Creating a Blank Project 6m 04s
Creating a Project from a Spreadsheet 5m 03s
Importing Structured Documents using the Document Conversion Wizard                     16m 26s
Importing from an RSS Feed
 3m 31s
Data Management Tasks (working with cases and variables)     
Merging Qualitative and Quantitative Data Files 6m 27s
Duplicating a Project 4m 15s
Recoding of Categorical and String Variables 2m 43s
Reordering of Value Labels 2m 34s
Adding, Deleting, Editing and Reordering Variables 7m 06s
Variable Data Types 4m 06s
Adding and Deleting Cases 3m 03s
Labeling, Sorting and Grouping Cases 2m 49s
Codebook Management and Coding     
Creating, Editing, Deleting, Moving Codes and Categories 8m 22s
Manually Assigning Codes to Text Segments 4m 53s
Coding Images 4m 40s
Manual and Automatic Coding Consolidation 3m 03s
Highlighting Coded Text and Images 4m 21s
Creating Compound Codes (Code Combination) 3m 40s
Geotagging and Time Tagging Soon!
Computer Assistance to Coding    
Text Search and Autocoding Tools Soon!
Retrieving Coded Segments 9m 11s
The Query by Example Text Search Tool 5m 26s
Cluster Extraction and Coding 5m 14s
Code Similarity Analysis 3m 44s
Keyword Retrieval  3m 01s
 Analysis of Variables and Coding     
Frequency and Crosstab 2m 29s
Coding Sequence Analysis 3m 18s
Bubble Charts 3m 23s
Virtual Grouping of Codes 3m 55s
Exporting, Reporting and Auditing     
The Report Manager 4m 39s
The Command Log 4m 30s
Exporting Code Statistics   4m 51s

WordStat Tutorials and Demos

General Presentation of Wordstat 17m 59s
Starting WordStat from QDA Miner 8m 05s
Options Page 8m 48s
Content Analysis Dictionary Construction Features     
Drag and Drop to Dictionary 0m 41s
Dictionary Viewer 11m 38s
How to Import Categorization Dictionaries 3m 05s
Automatic Suggestion Features 2m 15s
Exploratory Analysis     
Extracting and Analyzing Phrases 1m 35s
Overview of Frequencies Page 9m 33s
Comparison Analysis     
Performing Crosstab with a Combination of Two Variables 2m 15s
Exportation and Reporting     
Automatic Retrieval and Coding of Content Categories 2m 50s
Exporting Case by Case Dictionary Statistics 4m 59s

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