Qualitative and mixed methods software with unparalleled computer-assisted coding, analysis, and report writing capabilities

Overview of QDA Miner

This video is a general overview of QDA Miner. It is an easy-to-use qualitative data analysis software for coding textual data and images, annotating, retrieving and reviewing coded data and documents. The program can manage complex projects involving large numbers of documents combined with numerical and categorical information. QDA Miner also provides a wide range of exploratory tools to identify patterns in codings and relationships between assigned codes and other numerical or categorical properties. Documents are stored in Rich-Text Format and support font and paragraph formatting, graphics and tables. Documents may be edited at any time without affecting the existing coding. QDA Miner can import and export documents, data and results in numerous file formats (MS Word, WordPefect, RTF, PDF, HTML, XML, MS Access, Excel, SPSS, Paradox, dBase, QSR N6, Nvivo, Atlas.ti, HyperResearch, Ethnograph, Transana, Transcriber, etc.). It also provides unique integration with advanced quantitative content analysis, text mining (WordStat) and statistical analysis (Simstat) tool. This gives you an easy combination and integration of qualitative and quantitative methods.

For written instructions: See manual online