Provalis Trainers: Responding to your needs


One of the things users of QDA Miner, WordStat, and Simstat have been asking for is more access to training. In response to these requests, we have just launched a Trainer page on our website.

The trainer page is the beginning of what we expect will be an extensive group of trainers across the globe. The concept behind the new Trainer module is pretty straightforward. You can see from the profile the trainer’s level of expertise, experience, languages and location. You contact the trainer directly and discuss with him or her, the type of training or consultation services you are interested in. You work out with the trainer a plan, schedule and fee for services.

We will continue to offer corporate-based training courses several times a year. We will be holding regular webinars on different aspects of the software and are always available to answers questions. But we have started this program because we believe it will fill a need that, at the moment, we don’t have the in-house resources to accommodate. We believe this effort will help more people to become more proficient and have more fun using QDA Miner and WordStat.

Finally, the trainer page is not a static entity. We see it as a living and developing part of our service to our customers. If you are an experienced user of our software and have experience teaching or consulting in qualitative analysis and/or mixed methods please contact us to be part of the trainer module. You can send us an email at or reach out to us by phone at +1-514-899-1672.