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Welcome to the Provalis Research trainers page. In addition to our corporate training events, we created this resource to give you greater access to training and support for QDA Miner and WordStat. You can contact a trainer directly and arrange with him/her the type of training or consulting services you require. The fee, schedule, type of training or consultation and payment are negotiated between you and the trainer. We intend for this resource to grow so that it is available to users of our software the world over. If you are interested in joining and having your training and consulting services with our software listed here, please contact us at

Serge Charlebois Montreal, Canada Canada & USA English & French
Elif Kus Saillard Istanbul, Turkey Turkey, Sweden, France, Germany, Switzerland (Europe) English, Turkish
Mike Hine Ottawa, Canada Eastern Canada, United States English
Ahmet Suerdem London, UK UK, Turkey, Europe, Middle East Turkish, English & French
Madalina Manolache Bacau, Romania Romania and other EU member-states Romanian, English
Uwe Ewald Germany Europe, Middle East, Russia English, German
Jacqueline Priego Portsmouth, UK UK, Continental Europe, Latin America English, Spanish, Portuguese
Christina Silver Dorset, UK UK, Europe, US, will travel throughout the world English, Dutch
Julie Jones-Diette York, North Yorkshire, UK UK English
Lara Gautier Montreal, Canada and Paris, France UK, Continental Europe, Africa, Asia, Australasia, North America, South America French, English, Italian
Abby Jones ‎ Philadelphia, PA (USA) United States, Canada English
Christopher Tomanek ‎ Krakow, Poland Poland, Continental Europe Polish, English
Anne-Marie Turcotte-Tremblay Montreal, Canada America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia French, English
Miguel González-Loureiro Vigo, Spain Europe Spanish (native speaker), English, Portuguese
Derrick L. Cogburn Washington DC, USA US, Latin America, Caribbean English, Spanish
César Antonio Cisneros Puebla México, Chile Spain, Latin America, USA English, Spanish
Helen J. Addison Olten, Switzerland Switzerland; Austria English, German
Adem Akbiyik Sakarya, Istanbul, Turkey Turkey, Central Asia, Middle East, North Africa, Europe Turkish, English
Muhammad Ismail Pakistan Asia, Middle East English, Urdu, Hindi, and Pashto
Božidar Vlačić Portugal Europe English, Spanish, Portuguese, Montenegrin, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian
Almula Umay Karamanlıoğlu Ankara, Turkey Europe English, Turkish