Provalis research trainer

Miguel González-Loureiro
Spanish (native speaker), English, Portuguese
Vigo (Spain)
Coverage area
Training Workshops

QDA Miner
Systematic Literature reviews

Consulting services

1) Provide a solution to the customer of what type of content they should include and in which order based on the analysis of previous experiences or the benchmarking of competitors. Non-exhaustive examples of this includes:

  • Content Analysis of CSR reports and similar
  • Content Analysis of financial reports
  • Content Analysis of Vision & Mission statements
  • Content Analysis of Marketing Campaigns
  • All of them will yield a conclusion of what to include and in which order

2) Provide a way to scientific researchers who want to map the intellectual structure of a research field or intersection


Currently, Associate Professor of Strategic Management and International Business in the U. of Vigo (Spain) and Research Fellow of CIICESI-Polytechnic Institute of Porto (Portugal)
Lecturer since 2001 in the U. of Vigo (Spain)

Lecturer of seminars for Master and PhD students on research methods in Social Sciences

Eight years of experience as strategic consultant