Interview with Lara Gautier

In this Blog we will be introducing you to different people who use Provalis Research software in their work. We hope this will give users and potential users of the software an idea of the type of work people are doing and the capabilities of the software. Our first profile is of Lara Gautier who uses the software in her research and is also a trainer of QDA Miner. Here is her profile for the Blog and if you want to contact her for training or consulting you can see her experience and contact information on the trainers page of our website: Lara Gautier

Please tell us a bit about yourself?

May name is Lara Gautier. I’m a global public health researcher. I hold a Ph.D. in public health from Université de Montréal and a Ph.D. in economics from the Université de Paris. Currently I am post-doctoral fellow in sociology at McGill University. Using a mixed-method approach, I study the (in)adequacy of government protection schemes for unaccompanied young migrants in Paris and Montreal, and how these affect their health needs.

What type of work do you do?

I am a qualitative researcher analysing complex global public health phenomena and evaluating public health interventions in low- and middle-income countries. I also teach public health and qualitative and mixed research methods in Mali, Europe and Quebec.

How do you use Provalis Research software?

I use QDA Miner software in all my qualitative research projects (extraction and coding of the data), as well as in my courses and trainings in qualitative research methods.

Do you have any suggestions for users of our software?

QDA Miner is very well-suited to a learning-by-doing approach. The more you use it, the more you get to appreciate its multiple features. Take all the time you need to discover and experience all of these features: many of them are quite useful!