Provalis research trainer

Lara Gautier
French, English, Italian
Montreal, Canada and Paris, France
Coverage area
Africa, Continental Europe, North America
Training Workshops

QDA Miner

Qualitative research: how to design, apply and manage a qualitative study, how to do a process evaluation using qualitative research.

Qualitative data analysis: content, thematic, discourse analysis, framework and interpretative analysis approaches.

Participatory approaches to qualitative research: concept mapping workshops and participatory analysis in the research process; dissemination workshops: how to integrate participants’ inputs to qualitative research results

Mixed-methods research: how to design, apply and manage a qualitative study

Mixed methods analysis: triangulation, integration

Systematic and scoping review: how to design, apply and manage systematic and scoping reviews of the literature

Consulting services

Delivering broad training sessions on: study design and execution of qualitative and mixed-methods projects, as well as systematic and scoping reviews, to address research questions.

Delivering specific needs-based training sessions on: epistemology, public health, global health, participatory approaches, process evaluation, introduction to QDAMiner software with practical exercises, strengthening the quality and rigor of a qualitative or mixed methods study, developing reflexivity and critical thinking, structuring your thinking and writing for publication needs, etc.

Remote training of country partners.


8 years of experience of advanced qualitative and mixed methods research, gained through coordinating or participating in various international research projects in Africa, Europe, and North America

Professional user of relevant research software for qualitative and mixed-methods.

Systematic and scoping reviews.

Skilled communicator, with extensive experience in university teaching, facilitating workshops, presenting findings, and writing up dissemination documents for academics, practitioners and lay audiences.

Coordinator of the Montreal-based online collection of Working Papers “Cahiers REALISME”