We are always looking for ways to make your text mining experience easier, better, more precise and ….more fun. It is what drives us. We think you will find the recently released WordStat 8 checks all these boxes.

Easier.  Import documents and create projects directly in WordStat. Use our new Explorer mode for those of you with limited experience with text analytics software.



More Precise. New enriched Topic Modeling moves beyond the traditional approach by providing you with suggestions, exceptions and spelling corrections.


Topic Modeling 2 WS8


Better.  New word cloud, donut and radar charts. Easily export results to Tableau software to take advantage of their interactive data visualization tools.


Words Cloud WS8            Donut chart WS8        Polar chart WS8



More fun. Where to start. Analyze emoji and emoticon by transforming them into their text equivalent

Emojis WS8


Use Python scripts and access its open-source libraries to preprocess or transform text for analysis to WordStat. Faster and cooler!



BUT don’t take our word for it!

Check out the new features of WordStat 8 on our website:

If you still aren’t convinced and especially if you are, download a FREE 30-day trial version and test it out yourself: