WordStat 8 New Deviation Table Instantly Compares Words/Phrases Used by Different Variables

We have introduced a special new feature to WordStat 8. This is a brand new feature that we believe you will find quite useful. We are calling it the Deviation Table. It allows you to see which words, phrases or topics are used more or less by different values of a categorical variable. You can also think of it as another way to view the Crosstab feature.

The Deviation Table is simple to use. All you do is perform a word frequency or phrase extraction in WordStat. Click on the Cross Tab button in the toolbar and then click on the Deviation Table Icon in the toolbar that will appear below the main tool bar. This is the new icon for the Deviation table 



A table will appear that shows you the words, phrases or topics that are used by different values of a categorical variable. In this case I have used a collection of speeches from the 2008 US Presidential campaign. I have asked the software to show me 20 of the most characteristic words for each of the candidates.  You can see the selection box for the number of words in the upper left of the table. I have highlighted the word Iraq. In this collection of speeches, Iraq is used more by Biden, less by Clinton, less by Thompson and Romney.


With this feature, you may search for the words in the text. Right-clicking on Iraq in the Biden column will give me all the references where Biden uses the word Iraq.



You can also right-click to chart the words or phrases


You can right-click to delete a word or copy the table as a Tab Delimited, HTML or Bitmap.

The new Deviation Table has been released as part of the WordStat 8, update 8.0.7. If you have WordStat 8 you can download the update at no cost on the Download section of the website.  If you are considering purchasing or upgrading to WordStat 8 you can see the Deviation Table in the trial version of WordStat which you can download and use for 30 days at no cost. To Order or Update to WordStat 8 please go to the Order section of our website.