Directly Import Text from Social Media with New WordStat for Stata



Stata users can now directly import text data from many different platforms using WordStat for Stata. The latest version of WordStat for Stata (8) can be run as a stand-alone software or integrated with STATA. This means Stata users can use WordStat to directly import text data related to their quantitative data and create projects in WordStat for analysis.

Stata users can now use WordStat for Stata to import text data from social media (Twitter, Facebook, RSS Feeds, YouTube, Reddit), email platforms (Outlook, Gmail, Mbox Files), web survey platforms (Survey Monkey, Qualtrics, Voxco, SurveyGizmo, QuestionPro)) reference management tools (Mendeley, Endnote, Zotero) as well as many file formats (Word, Excel, PDF, RTF, Txt, CSV, Access, HTML, etc.). You can accomplish this in just a few clicks.


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This gives Stata users additional data import capabilities. For example, you can now connect to social media such as Twitter, set a start and end time, and collect tweets in the background in real-time.

Installing and running WordStat for Stata hasn’t changed. You can read how to do it here

We encourage you to go to the What’s New section on our website to see all the new features in WordStat 8 which are, of course, duplicated in WordStat 8 for Stata. You can learn how to use those features and see them in action by watching our tutorial videos.