QDA Miner 5 Qualitative Software Directly Imports Documents for Text Analysis from Reference Management Tools

Reference Management Tools are widely used by researchers and authors the world over to work with large volumes of scholarly documents. They are used to search, store, and organize bibliographic data, abstracts, and complete papers. The advent of more and more digital publishing has resulted in more and more content being available in PDF and other formats. Several reference management systems have their own searchable databases.  All this means researchers have access to larger volumes of information resulting in larger volumes of text to analyze. One of QDA Miner 5.0’s new features allows you to directly import documents from reference management tools such as Endnote, Zotero, and Mendeley to make text analysis faster and easier.

Start by creating a project in QDA Miner 5.0. The qualitative software will present you with a menu. Select  Import from datafiles or web services, Reference Managers, and then choose your reference manager tool.

Reference Management Tools

QDA Miner will then display a screen allowing you to select variables to import.

Import Mendeley

After clicking OK, you will be connected to your reference manager system and asked to provide your identification information.

Mendeley Subscription

Once the documents are imported into QDA Miner 5.0, you will be prompted to give the project a name. You are ready to begin your analysis.

To find out more about how QDA Miner and WordStat are used for scientometric and bibliometric studies that analyze literature written on specific subjects go to the webpage What are scientometrics and bibliometrics?

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If you have suggestions for Reference Management Tools you would like us to feature please let us know by leaving a message on this blog.

Everyone who purchases QDA Miner 4 after June 1, 2016, will receive a free upgrade to QDA Miner 5.0.