Provalis Research Lunch and Learn March 1, 2022

Please join us for our next Lunch and Learn event. The topic is Managing Project Risk Using the Voice of the Team (VoT) and Text Analytics.  Dr. John Aaron demonstrates a formalized method of managing risks on projects by routinely soliciting risk statements from project team members. This approach relies heavily on text analytics. It […]

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WordStat 9.0.6 Updates Improved Performance and New features

WordStat 9 was released in June 2021 we are regularly upgrading different elements and adding new features to the software. Several new features have been added to the topic modeling features of WordStat 9.0.5. A new matrix allows one to get the top topic terms. This matrix, as well as the term-by-topic probability matrix, can now be […]

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QDA Miner 6.0.9 New Updates

There are new improvements to QDA Miner 6 in version 6.0.9. QDA Miner 6.0 was introduced in September 2020. The most recent updates include an improved feature to remove unnecessary carriage returns and hyphens. Previously limited to a single document or a text selection, with this new feature it is now possible to apply such a correction to […]

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