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Thank you for using Provalis Research’s Text Analytics Software.

To familiarize yourself with the basics and some advanced features of the software, we suggest using the menu below to access the TUTORIAL videos or consult the MANUALS. You can also use the FORUM to ask questions or share your tips and resources.

Tutorials – Tutorials and demos to familiarize yourself with features of our software.
  Manuals – Access our manuals for a detailed description of our programs’ features.
  FAQ – Get immediate answers to the most frequently asked questions.
  Forum – Discuss with other users, share your tips and resources.
  Training – Public or private workshops, web training, webinars.
  Services – Training workshops, consulting services,  software integration and customization.

Free technical support for all our software products is offered either online or by phone. If your needs are not answered by the web site support tools, or you have technical problems installing, using, maintaining or updating our products, please contact us. Comments and suggestions for further improvements are also welcome:

By Phone: 514-899-1672
By Email:

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