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Introducing QDA Miner 2023


Provalis Research’s qualitative text analysis software

Provalis Research is pleased to announce the release of QDA Miner 2023. This version includes several new features and is available for free to all QDA Miner 6.0 users with an active annual or three-year subscription. For holders of perpetual licenses, you can upgrade to one-year or three-year licenses of QDA Miner 2023 at a substantial discount. This update is available from the Update Web page.

You can download a 14-day trial version of QDA Miner 2023 from the Trial Versions Web page.

Here is a quick overview of the new features.

      • A new automatic synchronization feature allows a project administrator to distribute, recover, merge, and push back copies of projects coded by team members, using a single push of a button (no cloud service needed).
      • Several new Redact features allow one to mask (non-destructive) or remove and replace (destructive) sensitive information in a project.
      • Importation of SEC 10-k and 10-Q corporate filings with optional importation of specific sections.
      • Qualitative analysis results can be pushed to Power BI for creating interactive visualizations and dashboards.
      • A new feature allows one to push co-occurrence data to and run Gephi or NetDraw for social network analysis (SNA).
      • A fast semi-automatic spelling correction tool has been implemented, allowing one to quickly fix spelling mistakes, including proper nouns, technical terms, or neologisms.
      • Eighteen new spelling dictionaries have been added, bringing the total number of languages supported to 38.
      • A new dialog box allows one to print documents with codings and memos, create endnotes, and redact text segments associated with specific codes.
      • The cluster extraction tool may now adjust to tight or loose criteria used for grouping responses.
      • A new dialog box allows one to create custom color palettes for graphics by mixing and matching up to 20 colors.
      • Improved coding retrieval and list of memos dialog boxes with new options to add, delete, or edit memos, as well as remove or change the code associated with a text segment.
      • QDA Miner 2023 can import QDA Miner Lite 3.0 project files (as well as prior versions).

For a more complete description of the new features in QDA Miner 2023 please go to the What’s New page on the Provalis Research website.