Sentiment Dictionaries

Provalis Research is pleased to announce the availability of three sentiment analysis dictionaries in WordStat format.

1) The Loughran and McDonald Financial Sentiment Dictionary, for the analysis of accounting and financial news.
2) The Lexicoder Sentiment Dictionary for the analysis of political news.
3) The WordStat Sentiment Dictionary, a general-purpose sentiment dictionary.

All three dictionaries can be obtained for free. Please note, however, that the first two dictionaries should not be used for commercial purposes without authorization from their respective authors. The WordStat Sentiment Dictionary may be used for any type of application without prior authorization.

More information about these dictionaries and their appropriate use, as well as a general discussion about sentiment analysis, may be obtained from the following web page:

WordStat is a flexible content analysis and text mining tool that can quickly extract themes, trends, and patterns from large collections of text data such as customer feedback, emails, open-ended responses, interview transcripts, incident reports, patents, legal documents, blogs, and websites. Its seamless integration with SimStat (a statistical data-analysis tool) and QDA Miner (a qualitative data analysis software program) gives unprecedented flexibility for analyzing text and relating unstructured content to structured information, such as numerical or categorical data and dates.

WordStat is used by market researchers and pollsters, crime analysts and paralegal professionals, business intelligence experts, and a wide range of social scientists.

For more information on WordStat or to download a fully functional trial version, see the WordStat product page at:


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