New Free Corporate Social Responsibility Dictionary Available with WordStat

Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) disclosure is becoming more and more mainstream with large and small companies around the world. CSR disclosure is being demanded by a wide range of stakeholders. As a result, CSR is a hot topic of research and analysis by academics, activist shareholder groups, financial analysts, environmentalists, ethicists, and many others. WordStat text mining, content analysis software is an ideal tool to analyze 10-ks, website information, press releases, annual reports, and other public documents that might contain CSR disclosure. To help with that analysis Provalis Research is providing a new Free CSR dictionary that is fully integrated into WordStat. The CSR dictionary was developed by Nadra Pencle and Irina Malaescu (2016) and used to predict various components of IPO pricings. The authors analyzed the prospectus of U.S. IPOs from 2011-2013, in part, because the IPO process has the potential to convey usable information that can signal business plans and managers’ level of confidence, as well as potential problems in their businesses. (Loughran and MacDonald 2016) Therefore, it can be reasoned that despite the lack of regulatory requirements, a company entering into the public equity market and wishing to signal to potential investors its stance on CSR orientation may do so using a more detailed CSR disclosure in its prospectus than it might otherwise. Pencle and Maleaescu (2016) developed a multi-dimensional corporate social responsibility words (CSRW) dictionary with four dimensions; Social and Community, Human Resources, Environment and Human Rights. You can learn more about the dictionary and download it on the Provalis Research web page. To find out how Provalis Research text analytics tools have been used for Corporate Social Responsibility research, read our white paper Corporate Social Responsibility