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Provalis Research Releases WordStat 2023

New enhanced topic modeling features and significantly faster performance

Provalis Research, a leader in text mining software, has just released the latest version of its text mining, content analysis software—WordStat 2023.

WordStat 2023, represents a significant step forward in the application of word sense disambiguation to topic models. Our unique topic enrichment feature has undergone major improvements, and we’ve introduced several new topic modeling capabilities to help users obtain even greater insights from their

data. In addition, we’ve implemented numerous speed optimizations that make the software more responsive and user-friendly.

Better Explore Automatically Generated Topics

A new integrated text retrieval feature can be activated to automatically display sentences or paragraphs that match the selected topic. These text segments are presented in descending order of relevance, with topic words displayed in bold, making it easy to understand the essence of each topic and identify key examples that can be used to illustrate it. This powerful tool provides users with a deeper understanding of their data and facilitates more effective communication of their findings.

The topic modeling feature also comes with a new word cloud panel to visually depicts the relative importance of the top words within the selected topic. This graphic representation can be customized, copied, or saved in standard graphic formats.

Better and Faster Topic Enrichment

The software’s unique topic enrichment feature has undergone major improvements, resulting in greater accuracy in identifying false positive expressions or exceptions, which can be incorporated into the topic model to help disambiguate words associated with contexts unrelated to the extracted topics. It also adds more relevant phrases to the extracted topics and offers improved suggestions for additional related phrases.

“After years of research dedicated to improving topic modeling techniques and results, we are thrilled to offer our customers our latest breakthrough. These new features will make WordStat 2023 an even more powerful tool for text mining and automatic topic extraction,” said Normand Péladeau, CEO of Provalis Research. “The superior interpretability, specificity and accuracy of the results will allow users to derive even greater insights from their unstructured text data.”

WordStat 2023 is available now. For more information or to download a free trial, visit the WordStat website. You can download the latest version of WordStat 2023 here. A complete list of the new features can be found on the WordStat What’s New page. If you would like to try out WordStat 2023 or our qualitative tool QDA Miner, you can download a 14-day free trial.

About Provalis Research
Provalis Research is a world-leading developer of text analysis software with groundbreaking qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods programs. Developing text analysis programs for over 20 years, Provalis Research has a proven record of accomplishment in designing and bringing to market tools that have today become essential to researchers and analysis specialists worldwide.

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, the company was founded in 1989. Provalis Research software products are used by more than 6,000 institutions on 5 continents, in a wide range of applications such as business intelligence, market research, political science, media analysis, survey analysis, risk and fraud detection and international crime analysis.