QDA Miner Lite 1.2 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of QDA Miner Lite v1.2, a new update of the free version of the popular computer-assisted qualitative data analysis software, QDA Miner. The new QDA Miner Lite introduces several improvements such as:

  • Merging of codes and categories
  • Importation of entire folders of documents, including their subfolders
  • Importation of the original file location into a variable
  • Extraction of data from XML database files.
  • A toolbar to search for terms or expressions in large output tables
  • The ability to save codebooks to disk.
  • Printing of labels on the bottom axis of charts at 45-degree angles or on alternate lines.
  • Faster importation of Excel and ASCII files
  • Faster rendering of code marks on large, densely coded documents.

For more information on QDA Miner Lite or to download this freeware, visit the product page at: