QDA Miner and WordStat Training November 22-26 in Kingston, Jamaica

Provalis Research CEO Normand Peladeau is leading a 5-day training session for QDA Miner and WordStat in Kingston, Jamaica November 22-26, 2016. The training session is being hosted by The University of the West Indies, School of Education, Faculty of Social Sciences. The university has reserved 10 places for Provalis Research customers. The session will include 2 days of training with QDA Miner, 2 days of training with WordStat and 1 day of training with Simstat. The cost of the course is $500 USD (last minute deal: $400 USD).

To ensure you receive one of the 10 spots and make your payment please click on the following link Kingston registration

Please note: Your workshop registration will not take effect until payment is received. 


Details of the Kingston, Jamaica Training Workshop

QDA Miner (2 days)

Introduction and project management

-Codebook management and manual coding

-Security features and text retrieval tools

-Coding frequency and retrieval

-Code co-occurrence and case similarity analysis

-Using the Report Manager and Command log

-Performing teamwork

-Additional functions


WordStat (2 days)

-Basic word statistics and text mining

-Content Analysis-principles of dictionary construction

-Advanced features

-Combining QDA Miner and WordStat


Simstat (1 day)

Perform statistical analysis with Simstat

All participants in the training workshop are required to bring their own laptop with wireless connectivity. Wi-Fi will be available.

If you would like more information on the training workshop please contact us at