Release of WordStat 5.1

Montreal – May 4, 2006 – Provalis Research is pleased to announce the release of WordStat 5.1, Provalis Research’s text mining and content analysis tool. WordStat allows efficient analysis of large collections of unstructured data such as open-ended responses, customers feedback, interview transcripts, technical reports, legal documents, speeches, and articles. This software is used by industries for such numerous purposes as surveys and marketing research, business and competitive intelligence, customer relationship management, and knowledge management tasks. This powerful yet, easy-to-use environment provides support to numerous text mining tasks including taxonomy building, automatic tagging and retrieval, categorization and classification of documents, and knowledge discovery, as well as quantitative and qualitative content analysis.


  • Improved phrase extraction routine with built-in crosstabulation, overlap identification, and filtering.
  • The addition of more flexible feature selection and classification routines to the automatic document classification module.
  • New and improved visualization tools (bar charts, pie charts, correspondence plots).
  • Enhanced support for disambiguation rules in KWIC list.
  • More convenient features, performance improvements, and enhanced ergonomics.

For more information on all the new features introduced in Version 5.1 or on related products, or to download a free fully functional version of WordStat, visit Provalis Research’s website at:

Founded in 1989, Provalis Research provides a family of software that is flexible, easy to use and powerful, offering an unsurpassed integration of statistical analysis (SimStat), qualitative data analysis and document management (QDA Miner), as well as content analysis and text mining (WordStat)