Application of WordStat to Airline Safety Reports

Montreal – May 26 , 2005 – Provalis Research is pleased to announce the release of a technical report written for the FAA as part of the Global Aviation Information Network Project called “Application of Provalis Research Corp.’s Statistical Content Analysis Text Mining to Airline Safety Reports”.

In this technological demonstration, several content analysis and text mining features of WordStat have been applied todatabases of airline safety reports, and the value of those tools used to support a knowledge discovery process was assessed. Content analysts, and more specifically WordStat users, will find this report useful to better understand some of the text processing involved in both content analysis and text mining as well as some of the advanced statistical and graphical tools available in WordStat (especially cluster analysis, proximity plots, heatmaps and correspondence analysis).

Click here to download the full report

The Global Aviation Information Network (GAIN) promotes and facilitates the voluntary collection and sharing of safety information by and among users in the international aviation community to improve aviation safety (see