Content analysis and text mining software for fast and precise processing of large amounts of unstructured information


Content analysis and text mining software for fast and precise processing of large amounts of unstructured information

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Brand Personality Dictionary

The Brand Personality Dictionary was designed by Opoku, Abratt, and Pitt (2006) using Aaker’s five brand personality dimensions as well as 42 personality trait norms, which are useful for comparing brand personalities across different categories. The Aaker’s five dimensions are: Sincerity; Excitement; Competence; Sophistication; Ruggedness

In order to build and enrich the brand personality dictionary, the authors searched, with the help of WordStat, for original synonyms for all personality traits as well as synonyms for Aaker’s five dimensions. They come up with a final list of 833 words distributed across Aaker’s five dimensions.

Example of words
Number of words
Candid, Frank, Good, Merciful, Kind, etc…
Awesome, Colorful, Heroism, Tonic, etc…
Crafty, Diligent, Jubilant, Leader, Genius, etc..
Flossy, In Style, Luxurious, Magnificent, etc…
Beefy, Cowboy, Difficult, Jungle, etc…

With the assistance of WordStat, words with little semantic value were not included in the dictionary and the stemming function of the software reduced various word forms to a limited set based on their roots (Opoku, Abratt, and Pitt, 2006).

After having pre-tested the brand analysis dictionary, the authors performed a content analysis of 11 business school websites by using the newly created dictionary. They wanted to find out what brand personality each school features (Opoku, Abratt, and Pitt, 2006). Many other authors used this dictionary as is or a customized version of it to analyze brand personality that organizations want to project through marketing. Use (Campbel et al, 2010; Papania et al, 2008; Opoku et al, 2008).

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