The Danger of Assumptions: How to use WordStat inductive research tools to build a much more reliable QDA Code Book for content analysis

Host: Abby Jones, PhD

Date and Time: Thursday, June 11, 12-1 pm ET


  • Abby first used Provalis software over ten years ago, while earning her PhD and serving as a Graduate Research Assistant to Dr. Robert Entman, an internationally award-winning expert in the Political Communication field.
  • Abby has stewarded many multi-faceted research projects that utilized Provalis, including those for a book, journal articles and national and international conference presentations.
  • Abby has presented her own content analysis research at several national and international conferences, including that of the International Communication Association, the International Studies Association and the American Political Science
  • Abby is experienced in facilitating workshops, teaching individuals and small groups, presenting findings in digestible ways, and writing up research findings for academics, practitioners and lay audiences.
  • Abby is the owner of AJ Research, a consulting firm that offers customized research services to ensure academics and practitioners in a wide variety of fields are able to transform the information they have into data they can use

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