Provalis Research Trainer

TrainerDr Jacqueline Priego
LanguageEnglish, Spanish, Portuguese
LocationPortsmouth, UK
Coverage AreaUK, Continental Europe, Latin America (especially Mexico and Brazil)
Training WorkshopsQDA Miner:

Consulting servicesCAQDAS:
Proposing project delivery plans based on research needs assessment.
Customizing content, producing teaching materials, and delivering training sessions
Advising on coding structure development for specific purposes (e.g. to maximize synergy with other software packages).
Remote training of country partners.

Empirical and desk-based research:
Proposing project delivery plans based on research needs assessment.
Study design and execution of qualitative and mixed-methods projects, as well as systematic reviews, to address research questions.
Managing budgets, monitoring progress against project targets and supervising research assistants.
ExperiencePractical knowledge of advanced qualitative and mixed methods research, gained through various international projects in Latin America, India and the UK.
Professional user of relevant research software for qualitative and mixed-methods.
Systematic reviews.
Skilled communicator, with experience in facilitating workshops, presenting findings, and writing up dissemination documents for academics, practitioners and lay audiences.
National Researcher Level 1, National Registry of Researchers, Mexican National Council for Science and Technology.
Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy and British Psychological Society Chartered Psychologist.

PublicationsJournal Articles
Priego-Hernandez, J. (2015). Sexual health in transition: A social representations study with indigenous Mexican young women. Journal of Health Psychology. DOI: 10.1177/1359105315611954

Cornish, F., Priego-Hernandez, J., Campbell, C., Mburu, G., & McLean, S. (2014). Impact of community mobilisation on HIV prevention in middle and low income countries: a systematic review and critique. AIDS and Behavior, 18(11), 2110-2134.

Jovchelovitch, S., Priego-Hernandez, J., & Glaveanu, V. P. (2013). Constructing public worlds: the impact of culture and socio-economic context on children’s social representations of the public sphere. Culture & Psychology, 19(3), 323-347.

Anagnostopoulou, K., Parmar, D., & Priego-Hernandez, J. (2009). An exploration of perceptions of learning and e-learning held by students who withdrew and those who persist with UK higher education. Brookes eJournal of Learning and Teaching, 2(4). Available at:

Books and Manuals
Jovchelovitch, S., & Priego-Hernandez, J. (2013). Underground Sociabilities: Identity, Culture and Resistance in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas. Brasilia: UNESCO. ISBN: 978-85-7652-180-8 (English); 978-85-7652-179-2 (Portuguese).

Jovchelovitch, S., & Priego-Hernandez, J. (2015). Bottom-up social development in favelas of Rio de Janeiro: A toolkit. London: LSE Academic Publishing. ISBN: 978-1-909890-35-0 (English); 978-1-909890-34-3 (Portuguese); 978-1-909890-33-6 (2016, Spanish).

Book Chapters
Jovchelovitch, J., Priego-Hernandez, J., & Glaveanu, V. P. (in press, 2017). Imagination in children entering culture. In T. Zittoun & V. P. Glaveanu (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Imagination and Culture. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Jovchelovitch, S., & Priego-Hernandez, J. (2015). Cognitive polyphasia, knowledge encounters and public spheres. In G. Sammut, E. Andreouli, G. Gaskell and J. Valsiner (Eds.), Resistance, stability and social change: A handbook of social representations (pp. 163-178). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Phone+44 (0)12 0296 7426

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