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Lara Gautier
TrainerLara Gautier

LanguageFrench, English, Italian
LocationMontreal, Canada and Paris, France
Coverage AreaAfrica, Continental Europe, North America
Training WorkshopsQDA Miner

Qualitative research: how to design, apply and manage a qualitative study, how to do a process evaluation using qualitative research.

Qualitative data analysis: content, thematic, discourse analysis, framework and interpretative analysis approaches.
Participatory approaches to qualitative research: concept mapping workshops and participatory analysis in the research process; dissemination workshops: how to integrate participants’ inputs to qualitative research results

Mixed-methods research: how to design, apply and manage a qualitative study
Mixed methods analysis: triangulation, integration

Systematic and scoping review: how to design, apply and manage systematic and scoping reviews of the literature

Consulting servicesDelivering broad training sessions on: study design and execution of qualitative and mixed-methods projects, as well as systematic and scoping reviews, to address research questions.
Delivering specific needs-based training sessions on: epistemology, public health, global health, participatory approaches, process evaluation, introduction to QDAMiner software with practical exercises, strengthening the quality and rigor of a qualitative or mixed methods study, developing reflexivity and critical thinking, structuring your thinking and writing for publication needs, etc.
Remote training of country partners.

Experience8 years of experience of advanced qualitative and mixed methods research, gained through coordinating or participating in various international research projects in Africa, Europe, and North America
Professional user of relevant research software for qualitative and mixed-methods.
Systematic and scoping reviews.
Skilled communicator, with extensive experience in university teaching, facilitating workshops, presenting findings, and writing up dissemination documents for academics, practitioners and lay audiences.
Coordinator of the Montreal-based online collection of Working Papers “Cahiers REALISME”

PublicationsJournal Articles

-Kalolo A, Gautier L, Radermacher R, Stoermer M, Jahn A, Meshack M, De Allegri M. Implementation of the redesigned Community Health Fund in the Dodoma region of Tanzania: A qualitative study of views from rural communities. The International Journal of Health Planning and Management, 2017.
-Gautier L, Pirkle C M, Furgal C, Lucas M. Assessment of implementation fidelity of the Arctic Char Distribution Project in Nunavik. BMJ Global Health, 2016, vol. 1, no 3, p. e000093.
-Gautier L, Guérin I, Kalolo A, Sulmont A. Micro-health insurance: the users’ perspective. Private Sector & Development; 2016, vol. 25, p. 36-38.
-Gautier L, Harmer A, Tediosi F, Missoni E. Reforming the World Health Organisation: what influence do the BRICS wield?.ContemporaryPolitics 2014; Vol. 20, Issue 2, pp. 163-181.
-Missoni E, Tediosi F, Pacileo G, Gautier L. The Italian contribution to Global Health: the need for a paradigm shift. Globalization and Health 2014; Vol. 10, Issue 25, pp. 2-23.
-Gautier L, Faye P, et al. Scaling-up the development of National ImmunizationTechnicalAdvisory Groups in the EconomicCommunity of West African States: role of a regional organisation, the West AfricanHealth Organisation. Int. J. Behavioural and HealthcareResearch 2013; Vol. 4, No. 3/4, pp. 222-241.
-Gautier L. Understanding the impact of social representations in health microinsurance schemes: a preliminarytheoreticalframework to guide empiricalresearch. Int. J. Behavioural and HealthcareResearch 2013; Vol. 4, No. 3/4, pp. 358-368.

Book Chapters

-Turcotte-Tremblay A-M, Gautier L,BodsonO, Sambieni E, Ridde V. (2017, forthcoming). Dans les coulisses du pouvoirdécisionnel : le rôle des organisationsinternationalesdans l'expansion du financementbasésur les résultatsdans les pays à faible et à moyen revenu. En Finir avec le New Public Management? De nouvelles perspectives pour l’actionpublique. Éditions du Comité pour l’histoireéconomique et financière, 2017, France
-Wone, I., Dia, A., Gautier L. (2017, forthcoming). La Promotion de la Santé en Afrique Subsaharienne. In: Breton, Jabot, Pommier, and Sherlaw (Eds.),La Promotion de la Santé, Comprendre pour Agir dans le Monde Francophone. Presses de l’Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Santé Publique.
-Gautier L, Pirkle C M, Furgal C, Lucas M. (2017, forthcoming) Évaluation de la fidélitéd’implantation du programme de distribution d’Omble chevalier aux femmes enceintes du Nunavik. In: Ridde and Dagenais (Eds.),Méthodes Avancées d’Evaluation d’Interventions de Santé Mondiale.
-Gautier L., Ridde, V. (2017, forthcoming)Les politiquesvisant la couverture sanitaire universelle et les perceptions de la qualité des soins de santé maternelle en AfriqueIn: Yaya (Eds), Risquer la mort pour donner la vie, Politiques et programmes de santé maternelle et infantile en Afrique.
-Gautier L.,Moshabela, M.,De Allegri, M. (2017, forthcoming) Les interventions de santé maternelle et infantile : versunemeilleure prise en compte les besoins des populations en Afrique. In: Yaya (Ed.), Risquer la mort pour donner la vie, Politiques et programmes de santé maternelle et infantile en Afrique.
-Gautier L. (2013) Global Health Education in France. In :Missoni and Tediosi (Eds.), Education in Global Health Policy and Management, EGEA, Milan, p. 171 (pp. 31-45). ISBN: 978-88-238-4327-1.

Working Papers & Blogs

-Gautier L. (2016) Que sait-on en 2016 du financement basé sur les résultats en Afrique ?. Policy Brief,RealismeResearch Chair,availablefrom:
-Gautier L. (2016) Le financement basé sur les résultats au Mali. Policy Brief,RealismeResearch Chairavailablefrom:
-Gautier L. (2015) August 2015—a paroxysm of environmentalhealth incidents caused by industrialactivity. The BMJ Opinion, available from:
-Hussain S, Gautier L. Health in the post-MDG era: what “paradigm shift” are we talking about exactly?Editorial of the International Health Policies Newsletter,
-Gautier L. (2014) BRICS countries in the post-2015 health debate: state of play.Editorial of the International Health Policies Newsletter,
-Senouci K., Gautier L. (2012). SIVAC Initiative supports technical advisory groups on new vaccine introductions.
PATH’s Optimize Newsletter issue 12,
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