Managing Project Risk Using the Voice of the Team (VoT) and Text Analytics

By Dr. John Aaron


Dr. John Aaron demonstrates a formalized method of managing risks on projects by routinely soliciting risk statements from project team members. This approach relies heavily on text analytics. It is proven to be an effective method for project managers to stay ahead of emerging risks on complex projects.
This session shows how text analysis using Wordstat can make this kind of information useful and actionable and provides a deep dive at a particular project by showing how the statistical weight of evidence can be calculated to give the earliest possible (yet reliable) indicator that a project is in jeopardy and requires corrective/preventative action.

John Aaron, PhD (Economics) and PMP is a 26 year veteran project management and data science consultant. Since 1995, Dr. Aaron has served a variety of organizations as a contract project manager and as a software solutions provider specializing in enterprise project management, business transformation, project stakeholder decision making, project leadership, project management machine learning and project management data analytics SAP-ERP implementation management, CRM, IT infrastructure and data analytics.