No comment left behind: the use of computer-assisted coding in large datasets

By Lucy Mackintosh

In this session, Lucy Mackintosh, a senior research assistant at the University of Hertfordshire, shares insights on the analysis of Kidney Patient Reported Experience Measure (PREM) comments. Lucy’s research focuses on the patient experience of kidney care, and she has extensively analyzed patient feedback in response to the PREM survey. The survey is a national 39-item survey facilitated annually by the UK Kidney Association and Kidney Care UK, aimed at identifying the patient experience of kidney care by measuring 13 themes of kidney care such as access to the renal team, needling, transport, and environment.

Lucy discusses the process used to analyze a large number of comments received from the survey and demonstrates how the analysis was presented to maximize the accessibility of the comments. The presentation covers the use of technology-assisted coding programs and various methods of data analysis, including text retrieval, cluster extraction, and the grid method.