Uncovering Propaganda, Deception, and Bias in Media Reporting: Using Text Analytics as a Scientific Tool for Automatic Detection (Part 1)

By Dr. John Aaron


In this video, Dr. John Aaron discusses detecting deception and bias in media reporting using scientific methods and text analytics tools. Dr. Aaron, a leading expert in text analytics and statistical methods, explains the exponential growth of social media and internet news reporting and the challenges of separating truth from propaganda, deception, and bias.

He introduces a suggested framework for automatic detection using Wordstat and complementary statistical software tools and techniques. Dr. Aaron covers various topics, including media reporting as a statistical process, the role of information in human decision-making, leading theories of media bias and deception, and hypothesis testing using Wordstat with pattern recognition and Bayesian Weight of Evidence methods.

Throughout the presentation, Dr. Aaron offers a hands-on demonstration of how to use text analytics to detect deception and bias in media reporting. This video is a must-watch for anyone interested in media reporting, text analytics, or statistical methods, and for those who are looking to improve their decision-making and critical thinking skills.


John Aaron, PhD (Economics) and PMP is a 26 year veteran project management and data science consultant. Since 1995, Dr. Aaron has served a variety of organizations as a contract project manager and as a software solutions provider specializing in enterprise project management, business transformation, project stakeholder decision making, project leadership, project management machine learning and project management data analytics SAP-ERP implementation management, CRM, IT infrastructure and data analytics.