We see analysis differently. As both science and art. Because while analysis doesn’t inherently connect to creativity, a more creative approach to developing analysis software results in ultimately more flexible and user-friendly tools, with potential across more fields, more relevance to more audiences, and so on. This approach, and the software it has given rise to, is allowing research leaders worldwide to stay more easily and cost-effectively at the top of their game — whether in today’s highly competitive academic arena, or an equally challenging and demanding global business economy. Explore our software. Discover our edge. Sharpen yours.

Text Analytics software collection for analysis of text, numerical data, and images.

Qualitative and mixed-methods software with unparalleled computer-assistance.

Content analysis and text mining software for processing large amount of text data.

Powerful and user-friendly software for statistical analysis and bootstrapping.



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Easy to Use Chart Capabilities in QDA Miner 5: Chart Codes by Case

Charting your codes case by case and comparing them to other cases in your project is only a couple of clicks away in QDA Miner 5. It really is quick and easy! This blog is a follow-up to the one where we outlined the new Document Overview feature. To begin charting...

New Graphic Feature of QDA Miner 5: Document Overview

Being able to “see” what you’ve coded in a document can give you a better understanding of the coding and sometimes spark an idea of where else you want to go in your research. QDA Miner 5 has a new Document Overview feature that provides you with a quick look at the...