Provalis Research Named Leader in Text Analytics

Provalis Research text analytics software provides small and large organizations with the means to extract knowledge from unstructured text data. In its 2013 Text Analytics Victory Index Report, Hurwitz & Associates recognizes Provalis Research as a leader in this industry and has awarded them a special mention.

Hurwitz & Associates’ research for the Victory Index recognized Provalis for scoring well
above its competitors in several dimensions. In particular, Provalis excelled in product value. The company received the highest customer rating in the category of Return on Investment. Customers felt that they received substantial value for their financial and time investments in the software. In addition, Provalis Research received some of the highest scores in ease of use.  Customers report that Provalis’ tools allow them to quickly and effectively get insight into their data because of the ease of use and flexibility of the software.

Designed as a marketing research assessment tool, the Victory Index selected text analytics companies offering products with strong technical capabilities and rated them on approximately 50 attributes across four dimensions: Vision, Viability, Validity and Value. Hurwitz & Associates applied a rigorous methodology to assess text analytics solutions through customer and vendor surveys and interviews, an online survey of more than one hundred and fifty companies, social media, discussions and other secondary sources.

“Our main objective is to offer powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use text analytics tools at an affordable price that even small companies can afford”, said Normand Péladeau, President and CEO of Provalis Research, “We are very pleased to find out that we were awarded a special mention precisely because of our high scores on these exact dimensions.”

To view the Hurwitz Value Point Report on Provalis Research, click here. A more detailed description of the study and of Provalis Research’s products can also be downloaded here.

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About Provalis Research

Founded in 1989, Provalis Research is a world-leading developer of text analytics platforms with ground-breaking qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods analysis software. Provalis Research tools are used by more than 2,000 governments, international corporations, NGOs, universities, and independent research leaders worldwide. To learn more about the company and its products please visit