Provalis Research offers complete support for all its products. From integration and customization to training on-site or via the Web, to a full range of technical support services and aids. We also offer consulting services to enable your organization to quickly become more productive and efficient with our tools.

Courses & Workshops – We offer introductory and advanced training courses on all Provalis Research products. Courses can be adapted to address both academic as well as large and small business needs.

On-Site Training – We can send one of our skilled trainers to your location to train you or your employees with our software. Such training can be designed to focus on tasks you actually perform or projects you are currently working on, allowing new users to quickly become productive and efficient at taking advantage of our advanced tools.

Web Training – If you have a broadband access to the Internet, we can provide training over the web. Such training can be designed to focus on tasks you actually perform or projects you are currently working on. Web training can be paid by the hour.

Webinars – We offer free introductory webinars that offer insights on our products and services. If you would like to suggest a webinar topic for our consideration, you can email us at

Lunch and Learns – Please join us for a new series of online Lunch and Learns that will be kicking off September 24, 2020, and going on throughout the fall. For more information and to register click here.

List of Trainers Worldwide – In addition to our corporate training events, we created a list of trainers worldwide that gives you greater access to training and support for QDA Miner and WordStat. You can contact a trainer directly and arrange with him/her the type of training or consulting services you require. Click on the following link to access the list of trainers.

Free technical support for all our software products is offered either online or by phone. If your needs are not answered by the web site support tools, or you have technical problems installing, using, maintaining, or updating our products, please contact us. Comments and suggestions for further improvements are also welcome:

By Phone: 514-899-1672
By Email: