Uncovering Propaganda, Deception, and Bias in Media Reporting: Using Text Analytics as a Scientific Tool for Automatic Detection (Part 2)

By Dr. John Aaron

In this session, Dr. Aaron will explore examples of uncovering linguistic patterns of deception in text using text analytics and statistical analysis. He will demonstrate how to identify subtle patterns of censorship and deception in social media channels, personal interviews, blogs, and more, using Wordstat phrase and topic modeling functions in combination with machine learning tools. He will also show how to apply these same methods using an automated model to uncover censorship and deception in search engine queries and computer-generated text. Lastly, Dr. Aaron will address the use of topic modeling in combination with time series analysis to explore “pre-emptive framing”, an important concept from session #1.

John Aaron, PhD (Economics) and PMP is a 26 year veteran project management and data science consultant. Since 1995, Dr. Aaron has served a variety of organizations as a contract project manager and as a software solutions provider specializing in enterprise project management, business transformation, project stakeholder decision making, project leadership, project management machine learning and project management data analytics SAP-ERP implementation management, CRM, IT infrastructure and data analytics.