Provalis Research software is used in a wide range of application domains such as media analysis, market research, survey analysis, incident reports, and competitive intelligence. It helps researchers to ensure healthier populations, improve business performance, or raise safety standards. It supports agencies, businesses, and academics in providing better responses to the countless questions and issues impacting citizens, customers, and communities worldwide. Find out how Provalis Research tools help in transforming text data into valuable insights.


Survey Analysis

Survey Analysis
See how one can code answers to open-ended questions more quickly and more accurately.

Brand Image Analysis

Brand Image Analysis
Find how commercial brands are perceived by customers.

Sentiment Anaysis

Sentiment Analysis
Measure emotions of customers, journalists, bloggers, etc.


Scientometrics and Bibliometrics
Identify publication trends, explore co-citations, map scientific domains, etc.


Voice of the Customer
Analyze customers’ feedback about their experiences with products or services.

Media Framing Analysis

Media Framing Analysis
See how a given issue is being represented in media.

Media Framing Analysis

Geospatial Intelligence meets Text Analytics
Mixing GIS and Text Analytics for Better Insight

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility Research
CSR Literature Review Using QDA Miner and WordStat

Political speech analysis

Content Analysis in Political Science
Learn how to apply automated content analysis across a diverse set of texts in political science

Social media

Social Media Content Analysis
A number of key features in QDA Miner and WordStat are effective when analyzing social media data


Text Analytics for Human Resource Professionals
HR professionals can use text analytics to analyze exit interviews, employee performance reviews, job applications, etc.

Social media

Text Analytics Adds Value To NPS
Text Analytics can help you deal with all the why’s that NPS doesn’t show.