Covid-19 pandemic had different effects on various groups

How were people of different genders treated during COVID-19?

An analysis of Twitter Data Using WordStat More and more researchers are using social media as a means to try to understand or explain the impact of events and social policy on society at large or on different targeted groups. We know anecdotally, personally and from media reports the Covid-19 pandemic has had different effects […]

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Running QDA Miner and WordStat on M1-Based Macs

Intel-based Macs (2006-2020) Up until the end of last year, several options were available to run QDA Miner, WordStat or SimStat on Mac computers.  Since 2006, Apple computers came equipped with Intel chips, the same chips used in PCs.  One could even remove the MacOS and transform an Apple computer into a pure Windows machine […]

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